Being Australian, I guess I am biased when it comes to travelling around Australia. But in my opinion Australia is an amazing country to travel. And compared to many other countries that I have lived in and travelled around, Australia is right up there with some of my favourite places. What I like about Australia is how diverse the people and the natural wonders are and how easy it is to travel around. So without further ado, here are my 10 reasons why Australia is such an amazing country to travel.


Here are my 10 reasons why you should travel Australia


Australia’s landscape is beautiful and diverse


Australia is an enormous country and has many beautiful and diverse landscapes. There are bustling cities with significant man-made structures, amazing coastline with world class beaches, lush rainforests, inland country towns and deserts of beautiful orange and red colours. So many different things to see and experience there is something for everyone.


The pretty amazing diverse Australian weather


The weather in Australia can be as diverse as the landscapes. Get use to a whole lot of sunshine! The weather is influenced by the Tropic of Capricorn that runs through the top of Australia. So the summer months the top half of Australia can have hot, humid and sometimes wet weather with a cyclone or two. While down the southern states the weather is warm and sunny. The winter months down south can be very cold with snow on the mountains. Yes. Snow! While up north the weather is warm and dry. Overall, the weather is perfect to enjoy the great diverse outdoors.

The wildlife in Australia is amazing and unique!


Kangaroos, koalas, echidnas, platypus, emus, lizards, tropical birds, wombats and colourful insects make Australia a wildlife enthusiast’s dream. Seeing them in their natural habitats is quite spectacular. And don’t forget the dangerous creatures such as the snakes and spiders! Even seeing them in their natural habitats is quite spectacular but do take care. If not lucky enough to see them in the wild there are plenty of nature parks to see them. My favourites include Australia Zoo run by the Irwins in Queensland, Healesville Sanctuary in Victoria and of course, the penguin parade at Phillip Island, Victoria, to name a few. You can book your visits to these here.


Australia is well set up for budget to luxury travellers


What I have found while travelling around Australia is the choices of accommodation, travel options and cafes and restaurants that are available to all travellers. And I mean all travellers whether you be a budget backpacker or enjoy the luxury at a five star hotel. Australia has it all. 

If you haven’t stayed in a hostel before, here’s my lowdown on staying in hostels in Australia. Hostel Living – Staying in Hostels in Australia. If you don’t fancy a bed in a dorm room, don’t worry, there are plenty of accommodation types available. I list them in my blog post 10 Accommodation Types in Australia.


Australia is a relatively safe country to travel around


You should always be careful in any country you visit, but when you compare Australia to some other countries in the world, Australia is one of the safer places to travel. I highly suggest not to put yourself into scary situations if you can avoid it. If you feel uncomfortable, leave.


It is easy to make friends and meet other travellers in Australia


Since there are so many people travelling around Australia it is inevitable that you will meet other travellers and locals as you travel. So whether you are backpacking, vanning or staying in resorts it is quite easy to meet other travellers. Joining Facebook groups for your particular kind of travel is one way. Joining in in activities at hostels and accommodation is another. While going on a tour, either for a day or longer could see you meeting a long or short-term friend.


Australians speak English


If your native tongue is English then you will have no problems communicating. However, Australians do have their own lingo. Here is my post on understanding unique words Australians use in my guide to Australian slang.


Australia has lots of tours and activities for visitors


Since Australia is a popular tourist destination with overseas people and Australians themselves there are plenty of activities and tours to undertake. Consider snorkelling or diving the Great Barrier Reef. What about spotting whales on a whale watching tour in Hervey Bay Bay. Maybe you want to see the natural wonders along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. Possibly hiking is more your thing. Whatever it maybe do a bit of research and start enjoying the tours and activities in Australia.


Australia is pretty easy to drive around


The best way to see Australia is to drive. You can easily buy or rent a vehicle and get driving along the many roads Australia has. Just remember to drive on the left! You can check out my useful drive itineraries and suggested road trips here. And if you want suggestions on travel options read my post Top 5 Travel Options to travel Australia.


Australia has a diverse choice of food


Whether you love meat, seafood or vegetables Australia has an array of different foods on offer. All locally grown. Australia also has a large migrant population who have brought their foods with them. You will be spoilt at the choice from Indian, Italian, Chinese to Indigenous cuisine. Unfortunately, you cannot eat out every meal, or maybe you can! As it can be expensive to always eat out check out some fast and fabulous recipes on my recipe and food blog Travelers-Fare

So there you have it, my 10 reasons why Australia is such an amazing country to travel. I’m sure, once you start travelling Australia you might find other reasons. I’d be happy to hear them so please leave comments below.



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