I have a few loves in my life but I have two that appear high on my list – chocolate and coffee. And at the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery I recently spoilt myself with both. So if you are a coffee and/or chocolate lover like me, make sure you don’t miss this place on your trip in to the Yarra Valley.


Where is the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie  & Ice Creamery


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The quickest way is to take the Maroondah Highway to the Yarra Valley – unless you know the back roads


The Yarra Valley is east of Melbourne. About an hours drive along the Maroondah Highway. It is known as being one of Australia’s premier wine regions but it is also home to loads of local produce. Like cheese, tea, handmade jams, a brewery, plenty of wineries and of course, chocolate. Now just outside of Yarra Glen on Old Healesville Road you will find the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery.  


How to spend your time at the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie


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Wall of Chocolate


The Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery is based on 40 acres of prime land in the Yarra Valley. When you arrive, the first place you will head to is the main building housing the factory, shop and cafe. Entry is free and when you walk in through the main door you are greeted by a massive array of chocolate. Where ever you look, there is chocolate. 


The Chocolate Factory


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Where the magic happens


If you veer to the left after walking through the main door you will see factory area where the chocolate is made through the glass petition. Yes, all chocolate in made in-house by European chocolatiers from mostly locally sourced ingredients. Stand and watch for a while the chocolatiers at work. Watch them make and pack the chocolates and dream of standing in there too making and enjoying some. And if you are there at the right time you can participate in chocolate making classes. It is best to reserve a spot well in advance if you would like to do this.


The Chocolate Shop


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1 Kilo or 1 Metre of Chocolate – which to choose


The chocolate shop is huge and often packed with visitors. Walking around the shop is an experience. Wherever you turn there is chocolate – milk, white and dark chocolate. From 1 kilogram blocks to 1 metre long blocks to soft centres, to eggs, to chocolate in different shapes of native Australian animals to truffles. There is also chocolate on a stick to melt in your coffee, chocolate cook books and chocolate related knick knacks to purchase. Even some beauty products such as the chocolate lip balm – hmmmm and the chocolate hand cream. Be warned you won’t walk out of the chocolaterie empty handed. I usually leave with a giant Polka Dot – a circle of chocolate with hundreds and thousands on it. And a bag, or two, of Rocky Road – a mixture of marshmallows and nuts held together by chocolate.


Enjoy a sweet treat in the cafe


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Chocolate Brownies are just the best


If needing a pick me up or even if not, there is a cafe serving yummy chocolate fair that you can have with a chocolaty drink. I can highly recommend their chocolate brownie with a hot chocolate. If wanting something more savoury tasting, there is plenty on offer. And the views through the massive windows over the Yarra Valley from the cafe are just breathtaking. 


Walk around the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie grounds


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Enjoy great views over the Yarra Valley


Once you have indulged at the chocolaterie why not get an ice cream from the gelaterie. There are some 40 flavours to choose from. Enjoy your ice cream sitting outside on the sprawling lawns amongst the colourful sculptures. Or perhaps walk, or maybe run around the orchards and wetlands and take in the gorgeous views of the Yarra Valley while burning some of the chocolate and ice cream calories you have consumed.


Organise your visit to the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery


Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery: 35 Old Healesville Road, Yarra Glen VIC 3775 (Cnr of Melba Highway), www.yvci.com.au. It is open daily from 9am – 5pm and can be a very popular place to visit during the week but particularly on the weekend. 

As mentioned, the Chocolaterie is a short drive from Melbourne. And there is plenty of free parking if you drive yourself. Or you could take a tour and tie your visit in to other delights that you will find in the Yarra Valley.


I hope you enjoyed my time at the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery. I live on the doorstep of the Yarra Valley so visit the chocolaterie often. I really hope you make the time to visit during your travels into the Yarra Valley.

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