About liveworkplay-australia.com

Welcome to liveworkplay-australia.com which has been created to help people to live, work, play and travel in and around Australia.

liveworkplay-australia.com is part of the LiveWorkPlayTravel chain of websites and blogs.

LiveWorkPlayTravel is the brainchild of Sharyn McCullum. After heading overseas on a working holiday and arriving on the other side of the world with nowhere to live, no job and with no friends or family and wondering what on earth had she done, Sharyn McCullum decided that she would provide information to fellow travellers on working holidays and gap years so they would have a head start to their travels.

Sharyn provides information and contacts through her series of LiveWork&Play travel guides and her websites and blogs. They currently include:

Live Work Play Travel – it’s more than a way to travel – it’s a Lifestyle