Packing for a camping trip is different to packing for a two week trip in a hotel resort. When else do you take your own bed and the kitchen sink! Over my years of camping I have worked out some essentials to take with me. Now these are just my suggestions, as you begin your camping adventures you will discover your own essential and not-so essential equipment to take. Before I get into my Camping Packing Checklist some places where to purchase camping equipment in Australia include BCF (Boating, Camping, Fishing), Camping World, Kathmandu, big department stores like Big W and K-Mart. Also on-line from Gumtreeebay and Amazon.

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Tent Essentials


Tent (with pegs and mallet), Beds (Air Pump), sleeping bag, bedding.


Useful Items


Torch, Light (Solar), Camping Chairs, Picnic Rug, Dustpan and Brush, Folding Table, Clothes line and pegs.


Camp Kitchen Utensils


Gas Cooker with Gas Bottle, camping cookware – frypan, saucepan, kettle –  Matches/Lighter, Sharp Knife, Scissors, Chopping Board that turns into a washing up bowl, Tongs, Spatula, Baking Tray.


Food Cupboard


Tea, Coffee (I love my coffee so have a small coffee maker), Milk, Oil for Cooking, Butter/Spread, Salt & Pepper, Sauces.


Utensils & Helpful Kitchen items


Crockery, Cutlery (I find sporks excellent while camping), Cups, Thermo Mug, Baking Tray, Reuable and foldable Water Bottle, Bottle Opener, Can Opener, Water Container, Esky and Ice Packs, Foil, Paper Towel, Tupperware and Ziplock Bags.


Kitchen Clean Up


Washing Up Bowl, Washing Up Liquid, Sponges, Tea Towels, Rubbish Bags.




Personal Toiletries, Bug Spray, Sunscreen, First Aid Kit, Toilet Paper.


Miscellaneous Items


Pack of Cards and other games, Football, Bike, Swiss Army Knife, Solar Powerbank.


So there you go. These are my suggestions of essential and not so essential gear to take camping in Australia. As mentioned, you will find your own essential and not so essential items as you continue to go camping in Australia.



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