So you have Australian travel plans. This could be for a weekend, a week or two, a month or more or maybe years. And there can be lots to organise before you head off including packing. One thing I do know about packing is that you travel better if your clothes and travel accessories are organised and you can easily find them. And when you can find your items because you are organised, you travel better. The only way I know that my packing is organised is by using Packing Cubes. I discovered packing cubes in 2019 and they revolutionised the way I pack. If you haven’t heard of them before don’t worry, here is my guide to the best packing cubes and why you definitely need to start using them while travelling Australia. 


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What are Packing Cubes?


Packing cubes also known as packing cells, travel packing bags, luggage organiser and packing pods are luggage organisers that turn a messy bag into an organised bag. They come in different sizes, materials and colours and when you use them they provide a number of benefits.


8 Benefits Of Using Packing Cubes


  1. Come in a variety of sizes and shapes
  2. Clothing can be organised in a packing cube for quick and easy identification
  3. Maximise space with packing cubes
  4. Clothes are kept neat and you can minimise wrinkles
  5. Packing cubes are made from different durable and versatile materials
  6. Make packing and repacking easier
  7. Different colour packing cubes mean I can colour code my items or can identify if the items are mine. Different colours are great to show people who’s cubes belong to who
  8. Don’t have to unpack as you can keep the items in the packing cubes – even at home.


How to Pack with Packing Cubes?


There is no right or wrong way on how to use packing cubes. The more you use them you will get into your own routine of use. You could use a particular size for particular items. Or maybe choose a specific colour for specific items. You can lay items flat or roll them. Whatever works best!


The Best Packing Cubes On The Market


There are a lot of packing cubes out there in the marketplace so you may be thinking, ‘how do I choose the best packing cubes me’? I suggest you consider where you are going, what you are taking and then work it out from there. Here are some of the best packing cubes on the market to help you organise your packing. 


Veken 6-pack Packing Cubes

Mossio 7-pack Packing Cubes

Samsonite Compression Cubes

Eagle Creek Packing Cubes

Briggs & Riley Packing Cubes

Pro Packing Cubes

Keep all your Clothing Items and other Accessories Organised


As well as keeping your clothes organised keep all your other travel items and accessories organised too. In this guide to the best packing cubes for your Australian travels I’ve included the following specific packing cubes for your bras and underwear, long garments like suits and shoes. Not really a packing cube but a toiletry bag with a hook so you can hang the bag up while in the shower is also a great item to help keep all your toiletries organised. Have a look at these great packing accessories following.


Bra and Underwear Bag

Shoe Travel Bags

Garment Bag

Ladies Hanging Toiletry Bag

Mens Hanging Toiletry Bag

Do Packing Cubes Really Work To Keep Things Organised? Absolutely!


Packing cubes really do keep your things organised while you travel Australia. Neatly stacked in your luggage or even in your drawers of your van you are certain to find what you are looking when you keep your things organised in packing cubes. I hope you have found this guide to the best packing cubes to travel Australia useful. If so, I would love to hear from you in the comments following. Happy Packing!



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  • Pink Packing Cubes Inside A Suitcase. Packing Cubes Are Keeping The Items Organised.